The Strategy Game Dofus

Venture out on a search to acquire big dragon eggs, the Dofus, at a world of epic fantasy and offbeat comedy. Make yours among the 18 character classes out there. The gameplay of every level is exceptional – that may come in handy once you join forces at a Guild. This free internet game provides strategic turn-based combats. You may customize your hero significantly thanks to tens of thousands of items and pieces of gear which may be optimized via crafting and smith magic. Within this online RPG, you can purchase and sell resources utilizing the in-game money referred to as”kamas” and operate up to three careers (farmer, hunter, baker, Smith, etc.).
A huge world is waiting to be found!

Step into the World of its vast, lush landscapes, its gloomy moors, and its many treasures.

The streets of its cities are bustling with industrial (and criminal) action The wildlife is magnificent, the atmosphere is pristine, the air is clean and fresh, and the ground has become the most fertile you have ever noticed But beneath this surface, beware of cubes.

As you enjoy! Treasure hunter, daring (and brainless) warrior, summoner of voodoo dolls. There is no lack of alternatives.

There are 18 courses to pick from. Some are far more suited to close combat, some want to strike from afar, and many others concentrate on protecting and healing. The decision is yours.

Gods Every class is connected with a god, which is vital. The body where your spirit is incarnated will possess the behavioral and physical features of your favorite god!
BESTIARY: What exactly are these monsters? Do they sting?

bot dofus touch

Yep, they bite they pinch, and they eat! In the filthy and competitive into the stinky and much more competitive, you will meet lots of horrible creatures. They rule out the dungeons, so get prepared to fight tooth and nail!

Pets Your pet will accompany you anywhere, granting you bonuses and impressing everyone with how adorable it is. In return, you need to feed it and treat it. Pretty much!

Dungeons Dungeons are a string of approximately ten conflicts resulting in the boss area, with a rest between each one for one to recuperate and change your gear. Do not go alone!
FIGHTING: Win or be conquered, it is your decision.

Struggling is an artwork. Instead of rushing in headlong, think about your strategic choices.

They’re turn-based: You take your turn to execute your activities, then watch those of the different creatures and players. Form a set of around eight gamers and assault the toughest critters about!

Death is indefinitely, and expertise is multiplied. On the Heroic Server, the most significant challenge awaits. There, dying is the actual thing. And in trade, the XP earnings are much higher…
QUESTS: Are you currently on a search for quests?

The people of the Planet of Twelve have important missions for you. If you help them, then you will be rewarded with kamas, expertise and special products.

The Quest to End All Quests What’s a bot dofus touch? It is a dragon’s egg! They are always available in a lot of shapes, sizes, and colors. They’re scattered all across the Planet of Twelve. Legend has it that anybody who manages to collect all six will probably become as sharp as a god. So, what can you say? Prepared to go searching for them?

Time to Find a Job” What?! A project usually means a paycheck. Thus, rake at the kamas (from the shovelful, also!).

DOFUS supplies a vast selection of 18 professions, with which you can craft something as straightforward as a loaf of bread or something as complicated as high tech hats, capes, belts, boots, rings, amulets, or even weapons. You may also enhance existing equipment with Smithmagic professions.

You are not alone! DOFUS allows you to communicate with everybody on earth of Twelve. Share, conspire, provide guidance. but keep respectful and friendly, of course!

Do not be bashful. Divide the ice, while it’s by confronting a monster with each other, exploring a dungeon, talking why Boowolves are so hairy, or just telling the stories of your best experiences!

You may also gather a lasting group by heritage (or linking ) a Guild. A bunch of friends, a group of mercenaries, or even a Bamboo Milk fan club for Pandawas, the options are endless!
EVENTS: Tonight, I have a date with DOFUS!

Every month has its guardian that impose their wishes about the weather and also the month generally. Each day is affected by its individual Meridia, below what’s known as the Meridian Effect.

The Meridia and their features are explained from the Almanac, together with daily quests and their rewards. And that is only one way to stay occupied: Seasonal events (curses, contests, temporary places, and much more ) come up annually.